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Basic Spring Engineering
Basic Spring Engineering
In this article we provide you a basic outline of how engineering is used in the field. It will help you to better understand how the garage door works and how to better complete the job.
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What is MyQ?
Access your garage door anytime with LiftMaster’s free smart-garage app: myQ®. With real-time notifications, programmable presets, access sharing, and smart-home integration, myQ makes it easier than ever to keep your garage safe and secure.
Close up of a garage door drive gear.
Garage Door Operator Drive Gear Assembly Replacement
In this guide, we will be going over how to replace your drive gear along with the how’s and why’s. We are confident that this will help you refine your skills as an installer and better service for your customers.
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The Next Gen LiftMaster Openers are Now Here!
The Next Gen LiftMaster Openers are here and ready to be shipped! According to LiftMaster, the upgrades made to the Next Gen LiftMaster Openers are the most significant in over a decade. These openers are bursting with superior features that meet the needs of today’s homeowners.
5 Low Headroom Solutions For Garage Doors
Many modern houses have living spaces above the garage which limits the space available for the garage door to travel. There are several options to help solve headroom issues. In this post, we go over some of those options.